The office has four main departments:

The Commercial Department

Ongoing representation and accompaniment for international companies that do business in Israel, representing Israeli commercial companies and leading industrial operations. The services we provide include comprehensive legal counseling on all of the company’s activities: various commercial agreements, sale, acquisition and mergers with companies, partnerships, establishing companies, dissolving companies, representation in various tribunals, representation before various official authorities, etc.

The Labor Law Department

As our office mostly represents commercial companies and corporations, most of this department’s activity focuses on representing employers. Our office provides comprehensive well-rounded legal counsel in all areas of labor law, including hiring practices, employment agreements, fringe benefits and pension rights, and the termination of labor relations; including the right to a hearing, severance pay, and employee rights in accordance with expansion orders, collective agreements, and more. We also specialize in examining and drafting diverse employment agreements for hourly, daily, monthly, and seasonal workers, employees in positions of trust, seniors and executives, as well as examining and drafting freelance work agreements and agreements with independent contractors. Our office is very highly experienced in representing employers in regional labor courts and in the National Labor Court. Our office has a proven track record in handling employee lawsuits against employers and in reaching the optimal results based on the case’s circumstances. Our office specializes in handling crises and employer-employee disputes even before the dispute reaches the court, in an attempt to avoid legal proceedings. Over the years, our office represented its clients in thousands of cases before the various labor courts, and it’s highly experienced in representation in mediation and arbitration proceedings, etc.

The Real Estate Department

Our office’s real estate department accompanies buyers, sellers, entrepreneurs and investors in diverse real estate deals, from buying and selling residence apartments and luxury apartments to major evacuation and construction (“pinuy binuy”) projects. Our office has vast experience dealing with many types of real estate deals, from residence apartments, lots, deals in the rural sector, deals in the kibbutz sector, industrial structures, NOP 38, and evacuation and construction (“pinuy binuy”) projects. We take great care in reviewing all aspects of the deal individually and thoroughly, including land taxation, as these aspects may dramatically influence the deal’s profitability for the particular client. We collaborate with various accountants and experts in real estate and land taxation in order to provide our clients with the optimal tax planning and deal outline. In recent years, our office was active in urban renewal, and it was involved in major NOP 38 projects and evacuation and construction (“pinuy binuy”) projects.

The Litigation Department

Our office specializes in handling very complex and extensive cases within our areas of practice: commercial law, labor law, and real estate. Our office won many cases in the various courts and created precedents in companies law and personal liability of company shareholders and managers. Our office represents its clients in all instances, including the Supreme Court, the district and Magistrates courts, the regional and national labor courts, various appeals committees, mediations, arbitrations, etc. Over the years, we very successfully handled thousands of litigation cases of various kinds within the office’s areas of practice while reaching the optimal outcomes for our clients.