In the business and real estate sphere, many documents are signed that bear the title "Letter of Agreement."
Usually, we are dealing with an initial document succinctly stating the agreement between the parties regarding a certain transaction: the nature of the transaction, price, parties' names and signatures.

Our dear friend, Sali Eilon, C.P.A, is a real-estate tax expert. Just this week, Sali posted an article concerning the change in the VAT rate that is expected to take effect on October 1st, and how this decision might potentially affect the real-estate market.

Doron and Eldad are the owners of a big construction company employing 300 employees.
Recently, Doron and Eldad have received demands from employees who claimed that no hearing was held with them before being dismissed from the company. Doron and Eldad turned to us to get explanations concerning this issue.

Does an unsigned agreement bind the parties?

Merav owns a commercial branding firm. Her firm is one of the market leaders. Its customers are real-estate development and high-tech firms who are in need of branding or re-branding services.

Our firm handles many a real estate transaction on a monthly basis. In this article, we shall attempt to present some of the most common and critical errors made by individuals who sell flats valued at over ILS3M.

Can a company that hired a subcontractor avoid paying them based on a “back-to-back” clause?

Let us first clarify the meaning of “back-to-back”: a customer publishes a tender for some construction work.

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