We are pleased to inform you of a legal claim handled by our Firm. The claim in question was filed by an installation technician (Eliyahu Chen) who, after 3.5 years of engagement as a freelancer with an industrial company (Sasatech Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd), argued having employee rights and filed a claim of NIS 121,282 against Sasatech.

We are proud to showcase another case in which our firm recently won a precedent-setting achievement in representing an employer in an employee lawsuit against him.
Leonid Gal is a software engineer who worked at Sysmop Technologies Ltd. for approximately 12.5 years. Sysmop is a hi-tec company engaged in the design, development and production of unique products that integrate software, hardware and electronics.

Bibi Roads Earthmoving & Development Ltd. had won the Israel Railways tender for the expansion of the railways between Kibbutz Na'an and Beer Sheva.
Israel Railways paid Bibi Roads about NIS 104 million for its work on the project, but Bibi Roads claimed that it is entitled to payments for additional works, a delay in the commencement of the implementation of the project, flood damages, and funds that were offset by Israel Railways. For this, Bibi Roads claimed that it is entitled to an additional amount of NIS 60,000,000, payable by Israel Railways.

The liquidation of a company is a procedure that brings to an end the functioning of a corporation as a business.

At times, liquidation enforces the collection of the outstanding debts of the corporation to its creditors. This can be accomplished, among other methods, by suing the director of the company as part of the liquidation proceedings. Articles 373-374 of the Company Act are applicable here. While this is indeed one of the strategies that may result in the collection of the debt, we should keep in mind that holding the company director personally liable is indeed an exceptional measure, and one the Court does not approve of easily.

On January 31, 2000, an exclusive distribution agreement was signed between Israeli companies, Dessco Wood Products (1987) Ltd. and Yaad Pirzul 1984 Ltd. (hereinafter: "Dessco") and a Chinese company called Taiming Enterprise Holdings Ltd. (hereinafter: "Taiming”). The essence of the agreement was the exclusive distribution of Taiming products - metal rails and drawers, designed for kitchens and furniture, in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The agreement was signed for one year, extended for another year, and then was extended to an unlimited period of time because of the mutual satisfaction of both parties. The last extension was made by oral agreement.

Kyung Dong Civil Engineering & Construction Co., or "KD", is a Korean company engaged in mining, tunnels, infrastructure and engineering.
The Electra-Solel Boneh (“Electra”) Partnership hired KD’s services for mining tunnels in the project of the construction of the Gilboa area power station.
The power station was established with pumped hydroelectric energy storage technology and was designed to produce 300 megawatts of electricity, with the cost of the entire project estimated at 2,000,000,000 ILS.

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