A Chinese corporation by the name of SHANGHAI JICHUAN INVESTMENT CO. LTD, acquired the Israeli Shahal Telerefua Company, aiming to introduce Shahal’s technology to China.
On July 24, 2015, Shahal entered into an ILS 440 million merger agreement with the Chinese company.

Danny and Nalia bought an apartment in Carmiel from Raphael and Ronit in 2011, for ILS 1,420,000. After the entire consideration had been paid, Danny and Nalia received possession of the apartment and registered it to their name with the Land Registration Bureau.

A group of 63 buyers, who bought new apartments from "A. Dori" construction company, in the “Tel Aviv Towers” Project, lodged a lawsuit valued approximately at ILS 9,800,000 against the company

The lawsuit is based on the contract the parties executed, which determined liquidated damages in the event of a delay in hand-over of the apartments.

David and Jacob own a successful building corporation. They decided to invest in commercial real estate.

The pair started searching for a suitable property. Both partners decided they will invest in this purchase NIS 20,000,000 of their own capital and finance the rest with a bank loan.

Schlein Brothers Ltd. is an Israeli company that imports and sells sewing machines.
Yamato is a reputable Japanese sewing machine manufacturer.
Since the 1980’s, the Schlein Company has been buying Yamato sewing machines and selling them in Israel and in the Middle East.

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