Maya and Gidi Barber, have signed on 14/12/14 on a document with the headline, "proposal irrevocable purchase”. This document was delivered to Eran Amour, who was the owner of a plot in Kiryat Tivon and was supposed to build a luxury residence on the plot.

GEFEG-NEKAR is a German company that manufactures electric engines (the “German Company”). “Maytronics” is an Israeli company that manufactures swimming pool cleaning robots. On December 21, 2005, the parties entered into a framework agreement for Maytronics to purchase engines from the German Company. Maytronics stopped buying engines from the German Company in 2008. Hence, the German Company lodged a lawsuit for ILS 5,522,200 against Maytronics with the court in Israel.

Shimon is a seasoned business man, with interests in the construction industry. Shimon’s neighbor, Dror, owns a factory that peels and markets vegetables and does business as “Best Produce”. As it so happened, Dror’s business encountered some difficulties, and Dror offered to sell the business to Shimon.

Michael Gutman provided funding and taxation advisory services to Shikun & Binui Holdings Ltd. for approximately 20 years.

In 2006, Gutman filed a lawsuit for ILS 3,907,000 against Shikun & Binui with the Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court. In his claim, Gutman argued that he ought to be recognized as Shikun & Binui’s “employee”, and hence Shikun & Binui must pay him what he is entitled to due to those years, including severance pay and pay in lieu of advance notice.

A Chinese corporation by the name of SHANGHAI JICHUAN INVESTMENT CO. LTD, acquired the Israeli Shahal Telerefua Company, aiming to introduce Shahal’s technology to China.
On July 24, 2015, Shahal entered into an ILS 440 million merger agreement with the Chinese company.

Danny and Nalia bought an apartment in Carmiel from Raphael and Ronit in 2011, for ILS 1,420,000. After the entire consideration had been paid, Danny and Nalia received possession of the apartment and registered it to their name with the Land Registration Bureau.

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